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Established in 1976, Lion Mattresses have been creating a comprehensive range of specialist foam products all handmade at our factory in Buckinghamshire.

In the past we have worked with number of largest bedding/mattress retailers to provide them with a range of bespoke products which they in turn sell to the retail market

We have now decided to ‘cut out the middle man’ and make our range of mattresses available directly to you the customer.

By ‘Cutting out the Middle Man’ we can:-

  • Offer large savings over high street prices – you are buying directly from a manufacturer
  • Speed up the delivery process – our products are always in stock so you don’t have to wait weeks for your new mattress
  • Offer same day mattress collection from our factory roll packed and ready to go (Mon-Fri)
  • Ensure that you know exactly what you are buying and where it was made
  • Receive your feedback directly - helping to continually improve our products and services
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase – our products come straight to you
  • Guarantee the highest specification of product directly to your door
We are able to offer these savings because we don’t have large retail shops which employ vast sales teams. You only pay for exactly what you are purchasing with no other costly overheads!
Our promise to you is that all our mattresses are handmade in the UK to the highest standards. Therefore, you can be assured you’re getting a quality product, made in this country, delivered straight to your door. This also means we can effectively reduce our carbon footprint, too.

The environment really matters to us, so you’ll find that our products are made from the highest grade recyclable foam and in addition, are flame retardant for optimum safety within the home.

Why Buy a Memory Foam Mattress

When you lie on a conventional sprung mattress, your own body weight pulls you down. The springs react by pushing back against you. The skin and blood vessels are caught in the middle, squeezed between the gravity force of your weight and the upwards force of the mattress. This causes pressure points, which constricts circulation at the area of contact. The result is discomfort and even pain over time.

When you lie on a memory mattress, however there is no air left in the cells to push back and cause discomfort, the foam molds itself to the contours of the body, providing excellent support at the pressure points along the spine, neck, legs and elsewhere. This makes it possible to avoid some of the stresses on the skeletal and muscle systems of the body that are incurred during sleep on any other type of surface.

Head & Neck
Correct alignment of your head and neck while sleeping allows your neck muscles to relax which can help to prevent headaches and migraines and promote a more restful nights sleeps.
Keeping your back properly aligned can help greatly reduce the chance of back ache and promote better body posture, better support also help to alleviate pain in the ribs and rib cage.
Improved distributions of pressure and better alignment of the shoulder area can help to reduce the risk of fibrosis and alleviate general stiffness.

For many of us, pressure points form at the shoulder blades, buttocks, head, heels, hips and elbows which may result in numbness, stiffness or pain. In fact, this is why we toss and turn at night. This movement is our body's attempt to get more comfortable.

Legs & Feet
Swollen legs, feet and ankles can benefit from better distribution of pressure, helping to ease symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome and discomfort from swelling.
Arms & Elbows
Better pressure distribution and posture alignment can help to relieve symptoms such as Tennis and Barfly Elbow and reduce the chance of Pins and Needles.
Perfect Nights Sleep
Our mattresses closely conform to your unique shape and help cradle your body and avoid unnecessary pressure on your body and muscles. Resulting in a deeper more restful sleep.

A memory foam mattress closely conforms to your unique shape, cradling the natural hollows of the human body and efficiently distributing pressure over the whole surface. This can reduce your need to turn during the night by up to a massive 80% resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep.

FREE Next Day Delivery
We offer free next day delivery on all of our memory foam mattresses
Handmade in the UK
Our luxurious range of memory foam mattresses are handmade at our UK factory in Buckinghamshire
10 Year Guarantee
Our memory foam mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee against faults in manufacture
Flame Retardent
Our entire range of memory foam mattresses exceed UK safety & flammability standards
Our memory foam mattresses are anti-dustmite and hypo allergenic. Ideal for asthma & allergy sufferers
Machine Washable Cover
Our memory foam mattresses are all fitted with a machine washable cover
Save Up To 80%
Save up to 80% on our memory foam mattresses over high street prices & no lengthy wait for delivery
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Our memory foam mattresses come straight to your door from our UK factory
Roll Packed Mattresses
Our mattresses are roll packed to easily move them through the smallest spaces
Recyclable Foam
The foam within our mattresses is 100% recyclable and we are happy to recycle any mattress purchased from us