Double Memory Foam Mattress

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Creating a better night’s sleep is what we do here at Lion Mattresses. Having been in the foam industry for over 40 years, we know our trade exceedingly well. Through scrupulous design phases and vigorous testing, we’ve developed a superior range of double memory foam mattresses all available at astonishing rates. We take pride in the products we produce and only ever use the greatest materials to create them. Our foam surpasses UK fire safety regulations and is made whilst adhering to ISO 9001 product specifications.

When you buy from us, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. As such, you incur no additional costs and have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, should you require it. We know our products better than anyone, so if you’ve got a question related to our mattresses, simply contact us and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Double Memory Foam Mattress In Stock For Delivery

Our memory foam mattresses are enjoyed by thousands every night. There are a total of four Lion models to choose from, all created to suit a variety of requirements. These include –

• The Best Memory Foam Mattress
• Classic Lion Mattress
• Simple Memory Foam Mattress
• Classic Ortho Mattress

The Best Double Memory Foam Mattress

There’s no denying its name. The Best Memory Foam Mattress is the most premium model that we here at Lion Mattresses have ever developed. For the best night’s sleep, you need The Best Mattress. Three inches of pure virgin memory foam is fused to a base layer of medical-grade foam. We then create a two-way castellated cut in the mattress's top layer using advanced foam cutting equipment. This helps to provide unrivaled levels of pressure relief which distributes evenly across the entire surface of the mattress. By enhancing your mattress's pressure relief capabilities, you’re helping to protect more vulnerable pressure points on your body. Elbows, heels, the back of the head, lower back and more are at risk of injury without proper support. This support is given when resting atop the Best Mattress.

Classic Lion Mattress

Our most frequently purchased mattress. The Classic Lion Memory Foam Mattress exceeds in the areas you need most for a great night’s rest. We’ve brought together a thick top layer of memory foam and a high-density foam support layer to create this model. The base layer features tear drops air pockets which help to promote optimal airflow, thus preventing the mattresses from becoming too hot. With a soft/medium firmness users are treated to a luxurious night’s rest, as they slowly sink into a thick layer of temperature reactive memory foam.

Simple Double Memory Foam Mattress

Working to a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t still treat yourself to exceptional sleep. Our Simple Memory Foam Mattress is designed specifically for those looking for a great night’s sleep at an even greater price. Being hypo-allergenic, just like the rest of our models, means that even allergy sufferers can sleep soundly on this model. A layer of luxury memory foam rests atop a thick layer of supportive foam. Users will also benefit from the added breathable sleep surface cover (a feature found across our entire range). This breathable cover helps to keep you cooler on warm nights.

Classic Ortho Mattress

Featuring a similar design to our Classic Lion Double Memory Foam Mattress, this mattress is designed for those who prefer to sleep on a firmer surface. We’ve retained the top layer of luxury memory foam, yet swapped out the base layer to a foam type with an even firmer feel to it. The teardrop airflow feature is still present in this model, meaning your mattress will constantly stay aerated. This helps to prevent you from feeling too hot whilst you sleep, a feature that is complemented with a machine washable, breathable sleep surface cover. Our Ortho Memory Foam Mattress provides exceptional levels of comfort and support, helping you to stay relaxed when you need it most.

Double Memory Foam Mattress Delivery

Our mattresses come rolled and wrapped when delivered to your door. This is to help you easily navigate your purchase through your home, even around those tight corners. Once you’ve unwrapped your mattress, it will begin to expand as the air begins to return to it. Typically, this entire process will take around 4 hours to complete, however, in some cases it may take up to 24 hours.