The Lion Mattresses 5 Year Mattress Guarantee

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Full Warranty Information

Every Lion Mattress comes with a 5 year guarantee, which covers you against any faults or defects in workmanship or material in that period. Your mattress will be replaced or repaired at our discretion should a defect be found due to faulty workmanship or materials. This does not include normal increase in softness of the foam which occurs during the normal settling of the mattress or the slowing of the memory foam speed of recovery.

The cover on the mattress is guaranteed for 2 years, against defects in material or workmanship.

Please be aware that some foam can have a ‘new foam smell’ which can take several weeks to dissipate – generally this is not noticeable but dependant on the type of foam the intensity can vary. This is a standard part of foam manufacturing and in Layman’s terms is similar to the smell you experience with a new car.

In addition, it is very normal for foam to have a variance in colour however this has no effect on the quality of the product and is just part of the manufacturing process. Please also note that foam changes colour naturally with exposure to light and air due to oxidisation, this can make some foam appear slightly yellowish in places. Again this has no effect on the quality of the product (all foam naturally oxidises over time with exposure to air and light). We are not able to accept any returns based on colour variance or smell of foam as this is just natural to the production process.

Should an improper base be used by the customer which causes the product to become faulty the guarantee may become void.

Lion Mattress advises that its mattress products are suitable for individuals up to 18 stone in weight and a combined couple’s weight of 30 stone. Lion Mattresses hereby accepts no responsibility for any loss of performance or defect arising when these weight guidelines are not followed.

This guarantee will become void if the product is found to have been misused or tampered with beyond reasonable wear and tear and shall not apply if the product has been damaged intentionally or by accident and or neglect. This includes but is not limited to -smoke/fire damage, bodily fluids, water damage, general stains, cuts or abrasions, water damage or is otherwise abnormally soiled or unsanitary.

This guarantee is valid only to the original purchaser and registrant of the guarantee and is non transferable. Your original invoice and a copy of this guarantee will be required for any claims made.

We make no guarantee that our products aid, cure or remedy any specific medical condition and we make no guarantee against any complications arising from the use of our products. We are also unable to make any guarantee for personal comfort and preferences, including mattress depth, bed linen fitting, bed frame fitting etc.

In order for us to assess the guarantee claim, the mattress will need to be returned to us for inspection. Return postage cost is the responsibility of the customer and is non-refundable, unless deemed that the product is either defective in terms of material or workmanship. Lion Mattresses can offer a collection of goods service for a fee of £50.00. The customer however is not obliged to use this service, and can arrange their own return of goods.

Should this guarantee be used and your product replaced or repaired, the guarantee will not be extended or renewed.

*5 year guarantee subject to product registration within 30 days of order.