Frequently Asked Questions On Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattresses FAQs

Memory Foam Frequently Asked Questions

Does memory foam make you too warm?

There is a common misconception that memory foam makes people who sleep on it too hot. Memory foam mattresses are able to retain body heat to a higher degree of efficiency than regular mattresses. However, our memory foam mattresses possess an open cell structure, which ensures that air can circulate freely between the mattress and your body. Other popular features of the most recent generation of these mattresses are the Outlast and Coolmax covers. They can control the humidity of the body and prevent it from overheating.

How does memory foam differ from ordinary foam?

It is sensitive to heat. It feels softer when warm and firmer when cold, which enables it to adapt to the body as acted upon by an individual’s body heat. Regular polyurethane foam doesn’t respond to a person’s body temperature.

What are the other benefits of memory foam mattresses?

They promote a high quality of sleep that is more difficult to attain when compared to sleeping on an ordinary mattress. Research has shown that the support that attained from sleeping on a memory foam mattress, significantly reduces the amount of tossing and turning that occurs by up to eighty percent. Tossing and turning is one of the main reasons for restless sleep.

When my memory foam product arrived, it was hard. Is there a reason for this?

Memory foam reacts to temperature. Cold temperatures make it a lot firmer. Once the foam has been exposed to a person’s body heat and room temperature, it will become supportive and supple. Allow up to sixty minutes at room temperature to let it to soften up before use.

Are memory foam mattresses good for my back?

Memory foam adapts to the contours of your body, thus allowing you to go to sleep in a position that relieves pressure and supports you perfectly. The visco-elastic foam mattress adapts to an individual’s body heat as well as the downward pressure that he or she exerts on it. This gives the owner of the mattress even support. In turn, he or she doesn’t suffer on account of the high-pressure areas that can be experienced when sleeping on sprung mattresses. This is one of the many advantages that this type of mattress has over a regular mattress.

Should I purchase a memory foam mattress or topper?

If your current mattress is only a couple of years old and it still provides a good level of support, you can buy a memory foam topper to provide your existing mattress with a memory foam feel. If your intention is to replace your bed in the next few years, we recommend purchasing a memory foam mattress.

Will my memory foam mattress attract dust mites?

Sprung mattresses possess hollow cores that dust mites can and frequently will breed in. The core of our memory foam mattresses are solid. They are therefore dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Why buy from Lion Mattresses?

For over 40 years we had been working with a number of the largest bed and mattress retailers, providing them with a range of products for their retail and online stores. Due to the recent economic climate many of these stores had started to struggle. We no longer felt these retailers were able to offer customers the best products at the most competitive prices. They are too heavily restricted by costly sales staff, national advertising and other costly over heads.

As such, we decided to make our products available directly to the public via our website - by 'Cutting out the Middle Man' we are now able to offer huge savings over high street prices. We also can offer delivery as soon as the next working day and because all of our products are in stock now, we even offer same day collection if required.

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