King Size Memory Foam Mattress

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Sleep is important and making sure you’ve got a great mattress to do so is key. Sleep like a king (or queen) with our luxurious range of handmade king size memory foam mattresses. Our king size mattresses are designed to give the best night’s sleep possible and provide an extra bit of room to spread out on. We only ever use the best materials to create our products. They’re strictly made to ISO 9001 standards and exceed UK Fire Safety regulations. Every mattress we offer comes fitted with a Breathable Sleep Surface cover. This breathable cover helps to regulate temperatures and keeps you cooler on warm nights.

At Lion Mattresses, we cut out the ‘middle man’. Our mattresses are created by our team of expert freehand foam cutters, entirely here in the UK. When you buy from us, you’re avoiding excessive markup costs from third-party retailers and are receiving a product that upholds strict British design specifications.

King Size Memory Foam Mattresses in Stock For Next Day Delivery

We stock a total of four different king size memory foam mattress models, which include –

• The Best Memory Foam Mattress
• Classic Lion Memory Foam Mattress
• Simple Memory Foam Mattress
• Classic Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

The Best King Size Memory Foam Mattress

We’re proud of all our mattresses, but none more so than this. The Best Memory Foam Mattress combines the perfect blend of both comfort and support. It’s so comfy, you’ll never want to get out of bed. A thick layer of pure, virgin memory foam is professionally cut to create a two-way castellation. This castellated cut helps to relieve pressure on vulnerable parts of the body. It’s the same technology we use in our medical grade, hospital approved mattresses. The heat-sensitive visco-elastic foam top layer, moulds to your unique contours as it detects bodily warmth. This layer is then fused to a base layer of premium foam to provide exceptional support. The base layer features our unique teardrop air pocket, which helps to properly aerate the mattress and prevent you from becoming too hot.

Classic Lion King Size Memory Foam Mattress

The Classic Lion is our bestselling mattress. Thanks to a thick layer of high-quality, heat-sensitive memory foam and an even thicker base layer of high-density foam, sleeping upon this really is a dream. A common complaint against memory foam mattresses is that they are too hot to sleep on. With our mattresses though, this isn’t a problem. We’ve integrated a teardrop airflow pocket into the base layer of our mattresses, which aids in foam aeration. Not only this though, we’ve also included a machine washable, breathable sleep surface cover to keep you comfortably cool at night.

Simple King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Our most affordable memory foam mattress and the largest size we offer in this model. Those looking to experience the benefits of a memory foam mattress at the very best price will love our Simple range. This hypo-allergenic mattress combines a top layer of 50kg/m3 memory foam with a 30kg/m3 supportive foam base layer. As with all our mattresses, this model also comes fitted with a machine washable, breathable sleep surface cover.

Classic Ortho King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Developed for those who prefer a firmer mattress. The Classic Ortho possesses a similar design to our Classic Lion model. The Classic Ortho, however, utilises a firmer foam base in relation to its counterpart. The teardrop airflow pocket and breathable cover help to keep you cool whilst you sleep.

King Size Memory Foam Mattress Delivery

We roll and professionally wrap our mattresses for delivery. As such, when you receive your order it may appear much smaller than expected. We do this for convenience, it’ll help you to easily move your mattress throughout your home to its intended location. Once unwrapped, the mattress will begin to expand and fill with air, as it returns to its original size. This entire process takes approximately four hours on average to complete.