Single Memory Foam Mattress

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Here at Lion Mattresses, the quality of your sleep is our priority. If you’re searching for a single memory foam mattress, then look no further than this superior range. All our single mattresses are made to the very highest specifications, using only the best materials.

Our memory foam exceeds UK fire safety regulations and is handmade to ISO 9001 specifications. We employ some of the finest freehand foam cutters in the industry, so you can rest assured that a purchase from us has been crafted out of love, skill, and dedication.

Single Memory Foam Mattress In Stock For Next Day Delivery

We stock a total of four types of single mattress models here at Lion Mattresses including -
  • The Best Memory Foam Mattress
  • Classic Lion Mattress
  • Simple Memory Foam Mattress
  • Classic Ortho Mattress

The Best Single Memory Foam Mattress - £349.99

Our signature mattress. The Best Memory Foam Mattress certainly lives up to its name. We’ve developed the perfect recipe for a great night’s sleep, by combining three inches of pure luxury virgin memory foam over a specialist medical memory foam base. The top layer features a two-way castellated cut, designed specifically to enhance pressure relief levels. This is the same technology used in our hospital approved medical mattresses and now you too can benefit from it.

As with all our memory foam mattresses, the Best Mattress comes fitted with a Coolmax temperature regulating cover. Some people feel that memory foam isn’t breathable enough for them and such retains too much heat. This, as a result, can lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Thanks to Coolmax technology, you’ll never have to worry about being too hot whilst resting atop our Best Mattress. What’s more, this cover comes zipped and is fully machine washable to help maintain optimum levels of hygiene.

Classic Lion Mattress - £169.99

Our bestselling mattress, popular amongst sleepers worldwide. A thick top layer of memory foam rests atop a premium high-density support layer. As a result, users can expect to experience exceptional levels of comfort and support. Prospective buyers needn’t concern themselves with overheating when resting on the Classic Lion Memory Foam Mattress. Thanks to our unique tear airflow system, you’ll find that our mattress is much more aerated when compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. If that wasn’t enough, this mattress also comes equipped with a fitted, quilted Coolmax cover. Zipped for easy removability and fully machine washable, the Coolmax cover helps to evenly distribute body heat, which rapidly increases cooldown rates.

Simple Memory Foam Mattress - £99.99

Our most affordable mattress to date. Don’t let its low-cost fool you though, this mattress is designed to rival against many others which command much higher price tags. Our Simple Memory Foam Mattress is perfect for those searching to sleep tight on a budget. Experience all the luxuries that memory foam has to offer, at an exceptional price. Fully sanitised and hypo-allergenic like the rest of our mattresses, this model features two unique layers of foam. A 50kg/m3 memory foam top layer and a base 340kg/m3 support layer. Together these two layers work in-sync to provide exceedingly satisfying levels of comfort and support.

Classic Ortho Mattress - £189.99

For those in need of added levels of support, this mattress provides a much firmer resting experience when compared to others. Similar in design to our Classic Lion Memory Foam Mattress, the Classic Ortho boasts the same unique features yet with a firmer feel. Its memory foam top layer softens with body heat detection, cradles your contours and helps to properly align your spine when resting. Designed to evenly distribute pressure across the entire mattress, our mattress effectively relieves stress on more vulnerable parts of the body.

Single Memory Foam Mattress Delivery

All our mattresses are delivered directly to your door rolled and wrapped. This not only helps us to deliver mattresses more efficiently, it’ll also help you to easily transport your mattress throughout your home to its desired destination. Once unwrapped, your mattress will begin to expand as it once again fills with air. Generally, a mattress will take approximately 4 hours to return to its intended shape, however, we do recommend that you wait 24 hours to be fully sure of its size.