How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep with Memory Foam

How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep with Memory FoamMemory foam is renowned for its superior levels of comfort. The way it moulds around the body makes you feel as if your mattress was specifically made for your shape. Be warned though, once you lay down, you’ll be so comfy it’ll be hard to get up again.   If you’re searching for a fantastic night’s sleep, memory foam is a must. Join us as we talk through the best ways to get a great night’s sleep whilst using memory foam.

What’s so great about Memory Foam?

Memory foam is designed to give maximum support to those who lay on it. It moulds around the body and evenly distributes weight, thus relieving stress on susceptible pressure areas. The foam reacts to both heat and pressure, then moulds to your unique shape. When pressure is relieved, it returns to its original shape. You may have been sleeping like a rock all night, but you’d never tell from the shape of your mattress.

Unlike traditional mattresses, memory foam does not contain springs. The problem with spring built mattresses is that they are incapable of evenly supporting your body weight. To do so correctly, they would need to contain numerous springs in small, evenly distributed pockets. Not only would this make spring mattresses extremely expensive, it would also make them excessively heavy. Memory foam is a much greater solution. It provides an even surface throughout and is capable of supporting all areas of your body. This greatly reduces the risk of aches, including in both the neck and back. It’s also great for alleviating the painful symptoms of arthritis.

How Can I Improve The Quality of My Sleep Whilst Using Memory Foam?

There are plenty of ways to get an exceptional night’s sleep. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to share with you here at Lion Mattresses. It goes without saying however; you should always use a memory foam mattress with these methods for the best effect.

Be mindful of your exposure to light.

Melatonin occurs naturally in the body, and is controlled naturally through light exposure. It’s essentially the hormone that helps control your body clock. When it’s dark you secrete more melatonin than during the day, this makes you sleepy.  In order to balance your body’s melatonin levels, expose yourself to as much natural light as possible during the day. At night try to avoid unnatural lighting from things such as phones, televisions and mounted lights.

Run a bath before bedtime.

Running a warm bath before you go to bed will help regulate your body’s temperature. A warm bath helps bring your body’s temperature to an ideal level for sleeping. Not only this, but it’s a great way to relax before going to bed. Lion Mattresses also recommend relaxation oils and scented candles. These are perfect for unwinding after a hard day’s work.

Don’t let your room get too hot.

If your room is hot, you will be to. Being too hot will drastically affect your ability to sleep. An ideal room temperature for sleeping is said to be 18.5 degrees. If you’re still feeling too warm, try sleeping with your feet out of the covers. Feet contain special blood vessels called arteriovenous anastomoses which are ideal for alleviating body heat.

Purchase A Memory From Mattress From Lion Mattresses

A memory foam mattress from Lion Mattresses will drastically improve the quality of your sleep when coupled with these techniques. For further information on our quality and extensive range of mattresses, be sure to visit our Memory Foam Mattresses page.

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