Cheap Memory Foam Mattress Vs Quality Memory Foam Mattress

Cheap Memory Foam Mattress Vs Quality Memory Foam MattressHave you found yourself a cheap memory foam mattress in the high-street or online? Perhaps a popular high-street retailer is consistently advertising “huge savings”. Don’t go spending your hard earned money just yet. This may not be such a great deal after all.

A Cheap Memory Foam Mattress May Be Lacking in Quality.

A cheap memory foam mattress may reflect its level of quality in its price. This is especially the case for popular mattress retailers. Retailers rely on mattress manufacturers to create their products. Naturally both retailers and manufacturers must make a profit on what they sell. But how can a company that also pays a manufacturer for their products afford to heavily discount memory foam mattresses? The answer is likely that the memory foam mattresses they sell are of poor quality. Cheap materials mean cheaper outlay for retailers. In turn, this means that they can afford to discount that mattress you’ve got your eyes set upon.

Lion Mattresses is proudly both the manufacturer and retailer of quality memory foam mattresses. This means that we can offer our products to consumers at a discounted rate, without sacrificing product quality.

How to Spot A Cheap Memory Foam Mattress.

When purchasing a memory foam mattress, there’s a number of things you should look out for. The following will help you determine whether you’re looking at a cheap memory foam mattress or a quality one.

  1. Density is one of the most important factors in determining a quality memory foam mattress. A high density mattress will take much less time to return to its original shape after use. Superior density also allows a mattress to effectively mould to a user’s unique body shape. This is what makes memory foam so famously comfortable.
  2. Support is essential for a comfy memory foam mattresses. According to research conducted by Dr. Neil Stanley of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, almost half of us are concerned about our sleep quality. A memory foam mattress with increased support helps provide a better night’s sleep, thus leaving users feeling well rested.
  3. Hypo-allergenic memory foam mattresses eradicate the potential for dust mites lurking in your bed. Hypo-allergenic mattresses are great for those with asthma and other allergies. Allergies are one of the leading causes of poor rest. A mattress that actively works to reduce the causes of allergy attacks can assure a great night’s sleep.
  4. Guarantees are a great way to tell the quality of a memory foam mattress. Here at Lion Mattresses, we offer a 5 year guarantee against manufacturer faults. This means that we’re confident in the quality of our products.

Purchase a Quality Memory Foam Mattress From Lion Mattresses.

Our memory foam mattresses may be inexpensive, but they’re still of superior quality. A cheap memory foam mattress from most retailers may not cost the earth, but it’s likely to let you down. With Lion Mattresses, you can rest assured by our products quality. A cheap memory foam mattress is likely to contain inferior materials that harm the environment. All of our memory foam mattresses however use superior, eco-friendly materials. This means that you can rest both easy and guilt free.

For a quality memory foam mattress at an affordable price, buy from Lion Mattresses today!

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