European Size Mattresses – Why Are They Different?

European Mattress Sizes - IKEA Mattresses

European size mattresses are generally slightly bigger than their UK counterpart. For that little extra room to roll about in, European size mattresses are ideal. But why are they bigger? Why can't all mattresses sizes be the same size? Before you get too confused, allow us to explain why.

Size Differences in European Size Mattresses

It's mostly due the size of the bed frame which each country produces. Naturally a mattress needs to fit it's bed frame. European size mattresses for example will be made to measure the size of a European bed frame. In fact, many countries have mattress sizes unique to them. Everybody likes to be different and there's no exception when it comes to sleeping.

Mattresses sold in the UK and Ireland for example are mostly constructed using metric dimensions. The UK and Ireland has four main mattress sizes; namely single, double, king and super king. Small single (cot sizes) and small doubles are also recognised, however these are much less common. The UK and Ireland are also the only region to not recognise the Queen size mattress as a standard size. Only by shopping for European size mattresses will you be able to source a mattress for a Queen sized bed. For reference, European size mattresses for Queen sized beds measure 160cm x 200cm (63" x 79").

A standard double sized mattress in the UK and Ireland measures in at 135cm x 190cm (53" x 75"). In continental Europe however a standard double sized mattress will measure in at 140cm x 200cm (55" x 79"). This may not seem like a lot, but a mattress that is too big or too small for your bed frame could potentially cause negative effects for the quality of your sleep.

Why Might I Need European Size Mattresses?

Due to the increasing popularity of European furniture retailers such as IKEA within the United Kingdom, you may want to consider European Size Mattresses. It's now easier than ever to source bed frames that are slightly bigger than their UK counterpart. These are ideal for those searching for slightly more room to sleep. It's also great for those that are already accustomed to European size mattresses and wish to continue sleeping this way in the UK.

Purchase European Size Mattresses in the UK From Lion Mattresses.

Here at Lion Mattresses, we recognise the ever increasing demand for European size mattresses in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to ensure that our customers are able to purchase the mattresses size they wish, whatever they may be accustomed to. That's exactly why our Classic Lion Memory Foam Mattress is available in a full range of European size mattress sizes for our customers here in the United Kingdom.

We can achieve this due to the fact that all of our mattresses are handmade at our factory in Buckinghamshire. Through a combination of only the finest materials alongside an extensive selection of mattress sizes to choose from; the best nights sleep is merely a few clicks away with Lion Mattresses.

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