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How to Sleep on a Plane

Now we’ve entered Summer, there’s a good chance you’re considering or are preparing to go away on holiday. Where will you be visiting this year? France, Spain? Perhaps further afield. Whether you’re planning on sunning it up in Corfu or backpacking around Nepal, you first have to travel there.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely either planning to journey on a plane or you’re booked and ready to go. Short flights may not require you to rest, however, with longer journeys you may be wondering how to sleep on a plane. Here are some suggestions to help you sleep better on a plane the next time you jet off.

Sleeping on a Plane

Some people can sleep anywhere, bundle them into the back of a car, wedged between two others and they’ll still not be troubled. Others though, don’t find it so easy to doze off.

We love sleep here at Lion Mattresses and understand that creating the perfect environment for rest is integral for great rest.

Different people prefer different things when it comes to creating the perfect environment for rest. Some people like to sleep in pitch black for example, others prefer a little light. Some find certain noises help them to sleep, while others would rather absolute silence.

When working out how to sleep on a plane, it’s important that you fully understand what works best for you. That way you can take some steps to create a better sleeping environment while you’re in the air.

How to Sleep on a Plane - Things to Try

There are 3 main things that are likely to affect your ability to sleep on a plane. These are comfort, noise and lighting. Paying close attention to each of these is the key to getting better sleep on a plane.

Sleeping on a Plane - Noise

If you’re the sort of person who prefers minimal noise while sleeping, it’s a good idea to bring some earplugs with you. These will help to drown out noises caused by the plane as well as other people inside it. Alternatively, if you prefer certain noises whilst you sleep, bring a device which will allow you to listen to them. Things such as soothing music and even white noise could be what you’re looking for.

Sleeping on a Plane - Lighting

If you don’t like too much light around you when you sleep, we suggest bringing a sleep mask. This will help to block out any light which could potentially interfere with you getting a good amount of rest. Alternatively, if you prefer a little more lighting while you sleep, most planes come fitted with a small reading light for each seat.

Sleeping on a Plane - Comfort

Sometimes it can be hard to get comfortable in a plane seat. Small amounts of leg room and extended periods of sitting can be hard going.

On the topic of leg room, did you know that you’ll get more if you are seated by an emergency exit? Regulations state that a passenger must be placed by the centre emergency exits on all flights. If the plane you are on isn’t particularly crowded, you be asked to move seats in order to fill one of these spaces. Why not volunteer yourself for the job to increase your chances of getting more leg room on a flight?

A neck pillow is also a good way to improve comfort while you sleep on a plane. This will provide you a cushioned surface to rest your head during the flight. Neck pillows can be inflatable or filled with a cushioning material such as foam. Inflatable ones will likely be less comfortable but will take up less room when deflated. You’ll need to decide which works better for you.

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