What Size is a King Size Mattress?

King Size Mattress Size

Need to know a standard king size mattress size? The correct information you need will depend on what country the mattress is made for. A king size mattress made for the UK market may differ in size when compared to one made for a different country.

King Size Mattress Size in the UK & Ireland

Although most manufacturers in the UK and Ireland tend to abide by a standardised king bed size, there are no set dimensions.

This means that the size can differ between manufacturers. Also, manufacturers are legally allowed a tolerance of +/- 2cm of the quoted mattress size.

In the UK and Ireland, a king size mattress usually measures 150 cm x 200 cm. However, this can vary slightly.

King Size Bed Sizes in Europe

Many countries in Europe have different dimensions for their beds and mattresses. So, let’s look at a few examples of standard measurements for king size mattresses in countries around Europe.

Portugal’s mattresses are all typically 190 cm in length. However, mattresses with a 200 cm length are becoming more frequent throughout the country. A king size mattress in Portugal tends to measure 180 cm x 190 cm.

Switzerland, shares similar king size bed dimensions to Portugal, with the standard size being 180 cm x 190 cm.

Italy classifies their mattress sizes through the term “piazza” (one place). A king size mattress in Italy is referred to as “Due Piazze” or “letto matrimoniale” (matrimonial bed) these also tend to measure 180 cm x 190 cm.

A king size bed in France usually measures 190 cm x 200 cm.

North American King Size Bed Sizes

The Americans use the imperial measuring system as standard and are only one of three countries in the world to do so. This means that their typical mattress sizes are defined in inches as opposed to centimetres.

There are many bed sizes in America some common and some less common. Some sizes you may never have heard of before include - an Antique Double Three-Quarter, Wyoming King, Olympic Queen and Junior sizes.

As for a standard king size mattress in America, this tends to measure 76 inches x 79.5 inches (193 cm x 202 cm).

King Size Mattress Sizes Elsewhere

Here are a few more common sizes for king size mattresses around the world.

Australia - 183 cm x 203 cm.

New Zealand - 165 cm x 203 cm.

South Africa - 183 cm x 188 cm or 183 cm x 200 cm.

India - 183 cm x 198 cm.

Indonesia - 180 cm x 200 cm.

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