Memory Foam Mattresses Vs. Spring Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses Vs. Spring Mattresses

There are thousands of mattresses to choose from out there, and picking the perfect one is a difficult task indeed. The first thing you should do when choosing a new mattress is to decide whether you prefer memory foam mattresses or spring mattresses. Making this decision will at least reduce your number of options to an extent.

Here you’ll find a comprehensive comparison of memory foam mattresses vs spring mattresses, which will hopefully help to make a difficult decision much easier.

The Low-Down on Spring Mattresses

The creation of the very first spring mattress dates back to 1871. German born Heinrich Westphal is the man credited with inventing it. Sadly, Heinrich died posthumously, he never profited from his creation and is said to have met his end due to crippling poverty. That’s right, the man who invented something which countless numbers of people have slept on for generations, died from being too poor. Where’s the justice in that? In fact, it wasn’t until the mid-1930’s that spring mattresses became widely recognised and used by many.

The Birth of The Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam was originally created in 1966, by NASA’s Ames Research Center as a means to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. However, it wasn’t until the early 1980’s, that NASA released the use of memory foam to the public. At this point in time, the manufacturing of memory foam was extremely difficult, purely due to how new and unknown it was. Memory foam mattresses didn’t really catch on until the mid-90’s and were first used to treat patients in need of prolonged bed rest. Soon after, memory foam became much cheaper and easier to produce. Many companies, including ourselves, worked with memory foam in their products in order to further refine them and improve the overall quality. Today, more and more people are choosing to sleep on memory foam as opposed to conventional spring mattresses.

Which is Better Memory Foam Mattresses or Spring Mattresses?

If you’re a traditionalist, you may find it difficult to make the transition from a spring mattress to a memory foam mattress. Generally speaking, most people don’t transition from a memory foam mattress to a spring mattress, at least from our understanding. If you’re still sitting on the fence however and aren’t sure which mattress is best for you, it’s important to understand how each weighs up in regards to 3 key factors; comfort, support, and durability.


Memory foam mattresses contour to an individual’s unique shape. This highly advanced material reacts to a person’s body temperature and molds around applied pressure as it heats up. It cradles you as you sleep and minimises restlessness through tossing and turning. This is not only good news for you but also your partner. If you both share a bed together, it has shown to lessen levels of disturbance.

Spring Mattresses, on the other hand, do not allow for this level of comfort. You’ll instead sleep on top of the mattresses as opposed to “within” in. Some users may prefer this notion, however, when it comes to levels of support, a memory foam mattress is best.


Memory foam contours to a person’s unique shape and as such allows for evenly distributed pressure relief. Spring mattresses, however, rely on coils to push back against the body, which as a result provides uneven support. This is due to the fact that differing areas of the body create various levels of pressure whilst you sleep.


A memory foam mattress is much more durable when compared to a spring mattress with cheap quality padding. Memory foam mattresses, although soft are still firm enough to withstand the applied force of a person’s body weight. When combined with additional materials, a memory foam mattress proves to be even more durable than before.

Will You Choose A Memory Foam Mattress or a Spring Mattress?

Sold yet? Willing to make the transition to memory foam, alongside millions of other people. If so, be sure to check out our fantastic range of memory foam mattresses. Treat yourself to a great night’s sleep.

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