Sleeping With A Soft Toy at Night - 1 in 3 Adults Do It!


As many as 34% of British adults sleep with a soft toy. That’s the findings of a recent survey conducted by Hotpoint.

Hotpoint spoke to 2,000 people and discovered that 44% of those interviewed had held onto to their treasured childhood toy.

17% admitted to cuddling said toy when they felt down and almost 1 in 10 people professed that they preferred to share a bed with their stuffed toy than a partner.

Who can blame them right? Teddy can’t accidentally kick you square in the back and he never gets morning breath.   

The survey also discovered that approximately 40% had a bedroom at their parents home filled with old toys.

5% had even requested that it be kept exactly as it was from when they were a child. That must pack a serious nostalgia kick.

But Wait There’s More!

The survey indicated that around 11% of adults in Britain have taken a soft toy on holiday with them at least once.

5% had even sneaked it into their workplace. Perhaps they hide it in a filing cabinet ready for covert hugs at lunch?

Who Loves Their Soft Toys the Most?

Would you be devastated if your special soft toy suddenly went missing or got destroyed?

Well according to the survey findings, you’re more likely to be heartbroken if you’re a man.

In fact, 21% of men said that they would feel devastated if they lost their nearest and dearest fibre stuffed friend.

Similarly, only 19% of women admitted to the same.

Is it Weird for Adults to Have Stuffed Toys?

We don’t think so. Sure, some might find it a little unconventional, but what’s it to them anyway? Do what makes you happy.

And if you find said happiness in a bundle of fluff and stitches then cuddle to your heart's content friends.

And besides, cuddling your favourite soft toy at night could be doing wonders for your sleep!

We all know that getting more sleep makes us happy, but did you know that being happy when you go to bed counts towards positive sleep?

A study published in the journal Annals of Behavioural Medicine indicated that there is a direct correlation between a positive life outlook and the quality of your sleep.

We love great quality sleep at Lion Mattresses, perhaps we’ll invest in some soft toy lions to keep us company at night.

Get Better Sleep with Lion Mattresses

Aside from sharing a bed with your favourite plush toy, there’s something else you can do to get better quality sleep.

We’ve designed a range of memory foam mattresses perfect for a great night’s sleep. There’s something for everybody. Whether you’ve got a budget to work to or simply want the best of the best.

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