Sleeping Positions and Their Health Effects

Sleeping Positions and Their Health Effects

Everybody has their own preferred way to sleep, some people can only get a good night’s rest on their back, whilst others simply have to sleep on their side. But did you know that different sleeping positions can affect your health in various ways? Some of these effects are positive, whilst others can be negative. Take a look at our list below, featuring a range of popular sleeping positions and the way in which they can affect your health.

Sleeping Positions – The Freefall

Our first sleeping position is the aptly named freefall. This position consists of an individual laying on their stomach with their arms raised above their head. This is similar to the way in which your body would look whilst freefalling (only without the flappy face), hence the name. The great thing about laying in this position is that it’s great for digestion. So if you find that you’re regularly experiencing digestive problems, why not give this sleeping position a try?

Sleeping Positions – The Fetus

The Fetus is a position that we’ve all slept in at one point in our lives. This is because it’s the position we naturally make whilst in the womb. Curled up onto your side, this position is one of the most common and is used by approximately 41% of the world’s population. Did you know though, that this sleeping position actually can put a lot of stress on your vital organs? Your lungs, liver, and stomach are all put under stress when sleeping like this. If this is your sleeping position of choice, try laying on your right side as it causes much less stress on your organs.

Sleeping Positions – The Log

Ever slept like log? How about literally? The log is a position made by an individual sleeping on their side, whilst keeping their body straight, with both arms facing down. This is a great sleeping position for those who regularly experience back problems. Sleeping in this position helps to keep your spine straight, which is a good thing if you want to avoid back pain.

Sleeping Positions – The Yearner

If you suffer from acid reflux, give this position a try. The yearner takes the form of an individual sleeping on their side with both arms stretched out to the side. This position is said to alleviate the effects of acid reflux, which can be a bothersome and sometimes painful complaint. It’s also known to lessen the symptoms of sleep apnoea, another common complaint.

Sleeping Positions – The Soldier

This is a common sleeping position, that actually has a lot of negative health effects linked to it. The Soldier, sees an individual laying on their back, with their arms by their side. This may be comfortable for many, however laying on your back is linked to sleep apnoea and difficulties breathing. If you find that you’re sleeping restlessly, whilst in this position, try turning over.

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  • Hey – great list, I think I’m mostly a freefaller, though this changes. Very helpful to see the pros and cons of the various different sleeping positions.




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