Snoring at Night - Do Men Snore More than Women?

Snoring Men Vs Women

Who’s the one snoring at night in your relationship? It’s a long debated question, do men snore more than women? Here at Lion Mattresses, we’re all about everything sleep related. If that means that we have to settle this war of the sexes, then we’re prepared to do so. Stay wide awake for this one readers, we’re about to uncover the truth. Who’s snoring at night more? Men or Women?

What is Snoring at Night?

We all know what snoring is, but do you really know why people do it? Scientifically speaking, snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures, caused by an escape of air whilst sleeping. In layman’s terms, it’s an irritating noise people make when they sleep, a noise that at one time or another we’re likely all guilt of making. Snoring at night can range in pitch and volume. Sometimes when a person snores, it can sound like a bit of air slowly escaping from the pinched end of a latex balloon. Other times however, it can sound like a jumbo jet is trying to take off in your very bedroom. Either way, snoring at night can be a distraction and can stop people from getting a good night’s sleep.

There’s plenty of contributing factors which can lead to an increase of snoring at night. This includes a person’s weight, whether they’re a smoker, being ill, or having one too many glasses of wine.

But why are people snoring at night?

When we drift into a deep sleep, our throat muscles relax. This causes our airways to become more narrow. This occurs with everyone, whether you regularly snore or not. If you find that you’re a deep sleeper however, the roof of your mouth, your uvula, the base of your tongue or your nasal passages may relax too much. As such, your airways will become partially blocked, thus causing a snoring sound when breathing.

Who’s Snoring at Night More?

Sorry guys, but statistics show that approximately 40% of adult men are snorers. This when compared to only 24% of adult women snorers, does suggest that it is in fact men that are snoring at night more often.

Studies show that a third of adult men are known to be snorers, in comparison only a fifth of adult women are known to be snoring at night. But why do men snore more than women? It’s mostly due to biology. The male voice box sits lower than a woman’s does, as such there is a larger airway space left open. When a man’s tongue relaxes, it will only partially block their airways, thus causing them to snore. Most women however having generally smaller throats, will find that their tongues when relaxed completely block their airways. Generally if you stop breathing due to this, your body will naturally wake up. The body once again becomes alert and thus snoring is much less likely to occur.

Get A Better Night’s Sleep With Lion Mattresses

This does however suggest that men are generally sleeping better than women are. Firstly men are not being kept up as much by the incessant sound of snoring at night. Men are also not waking up during the night due to fully blocked airways.

Women, we can’t offer you a magic snoring cure, however we can offer you a better quality of sleep. Take a look at our range of memory foam mattresses and accessories, all designed to help you sleep easier.

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