What Size is A Single Mattress?

What size is a standard single mattress?

If you’re wondering what the standard size for a single mattress is, the answer will largely depend on the country you are in.

You may be surprised to learn that not all single mattresses share a standardised measurement system.

Therefore, it’s especially important to understand the measurements of your mattress before making a purchase.

If your single mattress is too big or too small for the bed frame you own, it is likely to cause complications.

What Size is A Single Mattress in the UK & Ireland?

In the United Kingdom, the standard size of a single mattress is 35 inches x 74 inches (90 cm x 190 cm).

However, this is not an entirely standardised measurement and the size of a single mattress may vary slightly between manufacturers.

This is because legally, manufacturers in the UK and Ireland can create mattresses with a tolerance of up to +/- 2 cm of what they are quoted to measure.

90 cm x 190 cm is the standard single mattress size as stated by the National Bed Federation.

What Size is A Single Mattress in Europe?

Just like the United Kingdom and Ireland, many countries in Europe have their own standard single mattress size which varies slightly between regions.

Northern European countries such as the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Latvia, Denmark and more have varying sizes of single mattresses.

For example, in some regions of Germany, a common standard single mattress measures 100 cm x 200 cm, whereas Norway measures 75 cm x 200 cm.

Meanwhile, single mattresses in France are usually 190 cm long and 90 cm wide.

A single mattress in Italy ranges from 80 cm to 90 cm in width and has a length of 190 cm.

Switzerland’s single mattresses are slightly longer - They measure 200 cm in length, whereas the width can vary massively from 70 cm all the way up to 140 cm!

What Size is A Single Mattress in North America?

The measurements of Single or Twin mattresses in North America are generally defined in inches. The standard size of these mattresses is 39” x 74” (99 cm x 188 cm).

Single and Twin mattresses are mostly the same. The clear difference is that Twin mattresses come as a pair and are generally used in rooms shared by more than one person, such as by siblings.

Standard Single Mattress Sizes in Other Regions

Across the world, single mattresses vary slightly in length and width according to the country they are sold in.

Here a few more examples of approximate standard single mattress sizes according to the country they are sold in.

  • Australia - Width = 92 cm, Length = 188 cm.
  • China - Width = 80 cm - 120 cm, Length = 190 cm - 210 cm.
  • Japan - Width = 97 cm, Length = 195 cm.
  • Indonesia - Width = 90 cm, Length = 200 cm.
  • Singapore - Width = 91 cm, Length = 191 cm.
  • Thailand - Width = 107 cm, Length = 198 cm.
  • Portugal - Width = 80 cm - 105 cm, Length = 190 cm - 200 cm.
  • Brazil - Width = 88 cm, Length = 188 cm.
  • Colombia - Width = 100 cm, Length = 190 cm.

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