16 Minutes Less Sleep Can Ruin Your Work Day!

Sleep Study WorkPicture this. It’s late at night and you have to work in the morning. Perhaps you’re binge-watching your new favourite television show? Staying up just a little longer couldn’t hurt though - Right?

Well, a new study made by researchers at the University of South Florida suggests otherwise. Getting just 16 minutes less sleep at night could majorly impact your performance during the next working day.

More Sleep. More Productivity!

130 employees working in the I.T. sector volunteered to have their sleeping patterns and work performance tracked. And the results may surprise you...

Those who reported having slept just 16 minutes less than usual experienced severe impacts within their working performance. Issues properly focusing, and processing information made these individuals more stressed and less productive.

It was also discovered that those who received less sleep were more likely to make poor judgments. They also found themselves much more easily distracted!

Soomi Lee, lead author stated:

‘Good sleepers may be better performers at work due to greater ability to stay focused an on-task with fewer errors and interpersonal conflicts.’

‘Findings from this study provide empirical evidence for why workplaces need to make more efforts to promote their employees’ sleep.’

Employers Benefit from Well Rested Employees

In 2016, an investigation held by Rand Europe discovered that the UK economy loses £40billion per year. This is because of the physical and mental effects caused by employee sleep deprivation.

A study conducted by the University of Rotterdam in 2017 supports this. The study showed that just one poor night’s sleep can lead to disagreeable employee behaviour. Including short tempers and taking longer breaks throughout the day.

But what can be done to fix this? Employers can’t exactly monitor their employees' sleep behaviour.

What they can do though is promote more positive working environments. Ones that are less stressful, more positive and ultimately healthier.

How You Can Improve Your Sleep

There’s no questioning the importance of a great night’s sleep! The next time you plan to stay up a little bit later, ask yourself. Is it worth it?

If only 16 minutes can have such a severe impact on your working performance, maybe the next episode of your TV show can wait.

Sleeping well isn’t always so simple. But, there are things you can do to help improve your sleep quality.

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Just a few simple adjustments to your night-time routine will bring incredible benefits to you throughout the day.

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