The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers - What is it?

best mattress for side sleepers

Did you know that the foetal position is the world’s most popular sleeping position? It makes sense, after all, it’s the very first position that we began life sleeping in. Being such a popular position, we decided to look at our range and decide which is the best mattress for side sleepers.

Side Sleeping Positions

There are a few different positions one can be in when sleeping on their side. As we now know the foetal position is the most popular. This position involves laying on your side whilst bringing your elbows and knees towards your core. This mimics the same position as an unborn baby. It is said that we humans are creatures of habit. What better way to sleep than in the very position we all first tried?

The yearner position, whilst less popular than the previous is another side sleeping position that many of us use. Approximately 13% of people sleep like this. The yearner involves sleeping with your arms out in front of you, so unless you have a big mattress, this may not be the best for bed sharers.

Finally, we have the log position. You’ve likely heard the expression to “sleep like a log” however, this position is actually amongst the most unpopular ways to sleep; only 6% of people sleep this way. This is a relatively rigid position, but if you want to sleep like a log point your arms downwards as you drift off.

If you want to learn more about sleeping positions, take a look at our blog post - Sleeping Positions and Their Health Effects.

What is the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

We’ve developed a range of different mattresses all suited for different sleeping preferences. Some of us prefer a firmer feeling mattress, whilst others like to doze off on something softer. Whatever your preference, a memory foam mattress is the best mattress for side sleepers.

Memory foam is a thermally reactive material. This means that it can react to your body temperature and mould to your unique shape. Unlike spring filled mattresses where your body forces against the mattress, a memory foam mattress cradles you whilst you sleep. Once you get up, the memory foam quickly returns to its original shape; it really is a fantastic material!

The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers - Lion Mattress Range

We have four different mattress models to choose from all available in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re working to a tight budget or are searching for the very best in mattress technology, we can help! All of our mattresses contain premium virgin memory foam and come fitted with a CoolMax temperature reactive cover as standard.

Our Simple Memory Foam Mattress starts at under £100. It’s perfect for anybody searching for a quality mattress without an off-putting price tag. It’s worth noting that all of our mattresses are made within our UK based Factory by the Lion Mattresses team. When you buy a mattress from us, you’re buying straight from the manufacturer. This allows us to offer some of the most competitive prices across our entire range.

The Classic Lion Mattress is our mid-range memory foam mattress and the very first model we developed. A 50kg/m3 premium memory foam layer sits atop a support layer of 30kg/m3 high-density foam. It also features a teardrop air flow cut which helps to promote breathability in the material. If you prefer a firmer feeling mattress, be sure to check out our Classic Ortho Memory Foam Mattress.

Finally, we have our Best Memory Foam Mattress and it really is our best mattress for side sleepers. We’ve integrated the same technology we use to create medical mattresses for NHS and private healthcare organisations into this model. Featuring a patented two-way cut for enhanced pressure relief, this mattress helps to promote healthy circulation and posture. For the best night’s sleep, be sure to choose our Best Memory Foam Mattress.

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